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How are y’all enjoying this wacky summer weather? Is it wacky where you are? Here it is chilly and rainy – shades of November – and has been like this much of the last week. One thing that pulled me out of my weather funk was an email I received from a Canadian friend from Vancouver. She spent the better part of a decade in Milan and returned to Canada a year ago. She said she is still having moments of “reverse culture shock” and has been unable to adjust to the lack of chaos and the general sense of order in Vancouver. Here are a couple of shots she took to show me what she means.

This is a shot from Vancouver of a line forming for the bus. A bus that is not even there yet. Notice that even the funky hipster with requisite messenger bag (second to last in line) is not rebelling

Another shot from Vancouver. The line on the right is not quite as orderly as the one on the left, but keep in mind the bus isn't even there...

And here is our "study in contrasts" shot. This is what the line (if you can call it that) in front of me looked like at the post office on Friday here in Milan.


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Giving props!

Thanks again, Cindy!

I mentioned a while ago that I was going to give more information on the designer who made the graphics for my website. Her name is Cindy Loon. We were best friends all through junior high school and high school and were so ridiculously inseparable that people thought we were sisters. We looked alike, dressed alike and talked alike to the point that it was actually kind of scary. Fast forward a decade or two (OK, closer to two…) and Cindy has a successful graphic design and stationery business called Loon+Co. Her stuff has been featured on Oprah and she works with famous names, such as Colin Cowie. Actually, she’s one of Colin Cowie’s Fabulous Friends and if you click on that link you can learn more about her work and see a video of her doing her thing. Brava Cindy! She was always the artsy one. I could never draw my way out of a paper bag, but of the two of us, I was the one with the wicked tongue and pen.

Speaking of exciting ventures, did you know that Shelley of the blog Really Rome is not just back blogging but is opening a B&B and Roman trattoria with her husband in Washington state? Shelley and I became fast friends when we were both pregnant at the same time. She was in Rome, and I was in Milan, but we were in daily contact complaining about things like cankles, the long lines to get treatment at ugly hospitals and wondering where in the hell Italian women bought nursing bras. I was going to post a picture of Shelley and I pregnant taken a couple of Thanksgivings ago (I fittingly was wearing a large, brown maternity tent dress that made me look like the Butterball turkey of the situation) but I thought I should run that by her first. I’m still trying to get my one kid to sleep through the night and Shelley has since moved to the U.S. with her family and, uh, had twins. If she can handle an overseas move, a toddler and twins, I’d imagine she could run a B&B and sling pasta all’amatriciana in her sleep. If, in fact, she is getting much sleep. I hope to make it out there one of these days. You go girl!

Leaving for the beach tomorrow night for the long weekend (veeeerrry long as the holiday falls on a Wednesday; Italians know how to stretch a long weekend out – wee hoo!). Happy Memorial Day to those in the U.S. and buone vacanze to the rest of you!

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